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SEGA Announces Space Channel 5 Movies and Comix Zone

Two of the games with the most personality from SEGA published in the 90s will have a film adaptation: SpaceChannel 5 Y ComixZone. The Japanese company has announced, according to a press release shared by Gematsu, an agreement with Picturestart to adapt both intellectual properties to the big screen. The game released for Dreamcast (and later PS2 and GBA) in 1999 take the form of a dance comedywhile me against the neighborhood for Mega Drive, PC and GBA that replicates the style of the comics will adapt in a adventure in which an artist and a screenwriter will have to join forces to stop a supervillain.

SpaceChannel 5 its T written by Barry Battles (direction and script in The Baytown Outlaws) Y Nir Paniry (director and screenwriter of extracted). “SpaceChanner 5 is a dance-comedy adaptation of the cult dance game from 1999. Telling the story of a unlucky fast food worker who is recruited by a freelance journalist to save the world from aliens using the one thing that unites all the people on the planet: our love for each other. silly viral dances“, says the synopsis offered by SEGA.

ComixZone be scripted by Mae Cattwriter of Young Justice and of Dragons: The Nine Realms, a spin-off of How to Train Your Dragon. “ComixZonean adaptation of the cult console game that has been so influential for many years, follows a jaded creator of comics and a screenwriter queer colored young that when they are transported to the final issue of their popular series, they must put their differences aside to prevent a dangerous supervillain from destroying everything; and in the process they will ingeniously discover the ever-increasing power of storytelling“.

Those involved in the games will be part of the team

SEGA Vice President and COO, Shuji Utsumisupervise both projects. Nakahara Toru being a producer of the two films; is also a producer of the films of sonic the hedgehog and executive producer of Sonic Prime. Takumi Yoshinagastory manager and director of game desEsports Extrasfor SpaceChannel 5will join the film crew. Kagesei Shimomuraproducer at SEGA, will do the same within the team of ComixZone.

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