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Sega announces the first update for Sonic Frontiers

The first update of Sonic Frontiers will arrive next 23 of March (01:00 h) available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. As we already announced at the end of last year, this new update, Sights, sounds and speedis the first of three updates scheduled for this year, and adds new features including photo mode, music box and new challenge modes.

New challenges

After completing the main campaign, players will be able to access the new challenges. One of them is cyberspace challenge; a time trial mode where time is the main enemy of the player. In it, several phases of cyberspace must be completed in the shortest possible time.


On the other hand, there will be another challenge called all out combat; a timed battle mode in which players must fight against enemies, guardians and titans.

Photo mode

Players will be able to access photo mode (located in the pause menu) and capture your adventures in Starfall Islands with the help of a built-in camera that can be freely moved.

Music Box

A music box that will allow players to listen to their favorite Sonic songs on all Starfall Islands. It has 53 songs, although players will have instant access to only 13 songs. To unlock the others, you must collect sound memories on each island.


Finally, it must be remembered that there are still two additional updates to arrive during this year. These will include new features, playable characters, new challenges, among others.

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