Sega completes purchase of Rovio, creators of Angry Birds

sega completes purchase of rovio, creators of angry birds

Tom Henry

Sega completes purchase of Rovio, creators of Angry Birds

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Rovio Entertainment is already part of Sega: the acquisition of the studio creator of angry Birds it is completed. First a rumor and then officially confirmed, this will give Sega experience in the mobile gaming market and some internationally successful licenses.

The official Sega account has published an image with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles together with the Rovio birds. “Welcome to the Sega family, Rovio,” the text reads. “We are excited to celebrate that Rovio is a member of the Sega Group. Get ready for the exciting adventures that await us“.

It seems clear that one of the first effects of the purchase will be collaborations between Sega licenses and angry Birdswhich will allow to see some type of content of angry Birds in, for example, sonic frontiersand future Sonic games or characters angry Birds. “In the growing gaming market, mobile has especially high potential and one of Sega’s long-term goals has been to accelerate its expansion in this fieldSega said when confirming its interest in Rovio.

Angry Birds was one of the biggest hits in the industry over a decade ago.

Maybe angry Birds no longer have the impact of yesteryear, hence the purchase by Sega, but it must be remembered that this 2008 game was the first title to reach 1 billion mobile downloads. Rovio went public in 2017 with a market value of 900 million euros, but shareholders always found its financial results disappointing and this value never recovered. One of the concerns was the excessive dependence on Angry Birds despite attempts to reach other types of audiences or genres. It currently has several projects underway and has acquired several small studios to grow into puzzle games.

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