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SEGA may have more Sonic the Hedgehog reboots and remakes on the way

sega may have more sonic the hedgehog reboots and remakes
In an interview with Famitsu, SEGA has shared that it might have more Sonic the Hedgehog related reboots and remakes on its list of future projects.

The interview was with SEGA President and COO Yukio Sugino and he managed to highlight what SEGA has done well of late and what it hopes to do in the future with its games. Also, there was a lot of discussion about the ever-changing game market and how SEGA intends to expand.

At the beginning of the interview, Sugino is asked what he found most impressive for SEGA during 2022. “First of all, Sonic Frontier,” he answers.

“Led by Utsumi, several projects to make Sonic even bigger have come to fruition. In April of last year, the movie Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was released in North America, and it got off to a good start there, with worldwide box office receipts of about $570.Sugino shares.


Sugino continues, “It became a hit that exceeded 100 million yen. With that in mind, we released Sonic Frontier and were able to sell more units than we originally planned. I’m happy with that in itself, and I’m also happy to hear a lot of messages from users in North America saying, ‘I’m so happy Sonic is going the right way.’”

The interviewer, Katsuhiko Hayashi, then notes that “Sonic Superstars has a reboot look” compared to the new installment, Sonic Frontiers. Sugino replies: “Of course we have to make new things, but not all IP is created equal for new releases and reboots. For each IP, we will choose which method is appropriate at the moment, such as ‘This method is best for this IP’. Sonic is SEGA’s primary intellectual property, and we are considering reboots and remakes in parallel with new titles.”

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