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Sega plans remakes, remasters and new games for before March 2023

Do you want to relive some of Sega’s most mythical classics? Parent company Sega Sammy has revealed in a recent presentation on the results of the last fiscal year ending in March 2022 (via VGC) that it plans to launch multiple video games before March 2023, among which will be included remakes and remasters. This information does not come to us again since the Japanese company commented a year ago that it was already interested in reviving some of its most long-awaited classics by veteran players, although it is a relief to know that these titles will arrive before the end of March of the year that comes.

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In the presentation it was explained that Sega has reaped during its last fiscal year very good sales numbers on all platforms, including PC, of ​​titles that fall into the category of “remakes/remasters either spin offSega states that during said fiscal year he sold approximately 4 million gamesamong which are Sonic Colors Ultimate, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Y Lost Judgment. The company anticipates even higher figures for the fiscal year of 2023 due to a “significant increase in titles” as well as continued revenue from the “large number of new games” released in 2022. To be more specific, Sega has the prediction that sell about 5 million games within the same category in the fiscal year ending in March of the coming year; sonic originswhich will be launched on June 23, falls within this new year for the company.

Sega will continue betting on simultaneous and multiplatform releases

Regarding games that do not belong to the aforementioned label, Sega highlights that seven major titles released during the last fiscal year had a simultaneous global launch and cross-platform support, something that helped propel their sales to the top 100. 6 million units in total. The company is optimistic and confident that, for the fiscal year ending in March 2023, sales will double to the 13 million thanks to a drastic increase in the number of new games -13 compared to 7 the previous year- that will have a simultaneous global launch. What titles would you like to see coming soon?

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