SEGA prepares new Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio in search of the success of Fortnite, according to Bloomberg

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SEGA prepares new Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio in search of the success of Fortnite, according to Bloomberg

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The information suggests that the two installments would be part of the ambitious ‘Super Game’ initiative.

We don’t know if they’ve searched for it, but through leaks of new information, SEGA is emerging as the great protagonist of this week. After the confirmation of a Street of Rage movie, we return to our old ways as the famous initiative ‘Super Game’or Super Game, that they have in their hands.

This project consists of a medium-long term plan with which the Japanese company wants to release several big video games and storming the industry with the development and use of various cutting-edge technologies, and information made available to Bloomberg reinforces these intentions.

The North American media affirms that SEGA Sammy has in mind two great reboots of mythical sagas from his past: Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio. This is something that was already mentioned a year ago on the occasion of the fiscal results presented by the company, but Bloomberg can now confirm that they will be carried out.


Is about big budget reboots, with the case of Crazy Taxi as the most advanced of all. This would already be in development, with approximately a year of work completed, and the intention would be to launch it on the market between 2024 and 2025. SEGA would seek to bet on the free to play formatavailable on the largest number of platforms.

Both Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio would go this way, looking for emulate the model and success of Fortnite and EpicGames. Thus, there would be both large tournaments and less competitive games, buying and selling of in-game items and events that would be held periodically.

SEGA wants to promote games as a serviceSEGA wants to modernize the sagas and find a way to make them fit in with this game-as-a-service philosophy with a strong focus on monetization and in lengthening the life of the title as much as possible. At the moment, it is unknown which platforms both reboots would be directed at and when we could see more of them, but we will be attentive to the new information that may come out.

With all this, SEGA’s ‘Super Game’ project wins whole and seems to really point to something very ambitious. At the moment we know that they plan to include several triple A games and even NFTs in it, with a five-year schedule that should leave us with multiple surprises under an umbrella of hundreds of millions of euros.

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