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SEGA turns to Dreamcast nostalgia and prepares reboots of Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi replicating Fortnite, according to Bloomberg

has not been forgotten SEGA of his legend. The Japanese company has big plans to recover its legacy through the Super Game project, which was announced last year and which looking to release multiple AAA titles. Now, thanks to information from Bloomberg, we already know two of those works.

They are nothing more and nothing less than Dreamcast classics like Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi. The pair of franchises are being projected as reboots, with a launch expected in two or three years in the case of the driving title, after more than a year currently in development.

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By Jet Set Radio, is still in the early stages of creation and both works may still be cancelled. Both brands were mentioned in Sega’s annual report, seeking to bring them back for modern audiences. And it is that the company seeks to replicate a huge success in the industry such as Fortnite.

SEGA intends to include a more aggressive monetization for its future titles, since, according to the medium, the pachinko and arcade business is in free fall due to the absence of the public and the restrictions derived from the coronavirus. In this sense, an FPS is being developed with a format that will provide income to SEGA. Therefore, the course with Super Game is to regain strength through games for desktop consoles and mobile devices.

SEGA has declined to comment on the information. We have seen the company’s steps to increase its market in movements such as partnering with Microsoft and making use of the power of the Azure cloud.

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