SEGA wants to compete with Fortnite through ‘reboots’ of Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio

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SEGA, the company behind sagas like sonic the hedgehog Y Yakuzais working on new deliveries of two of his most groundbreaking intellectual properties from the late 1990s and early 2000s, crazytaxi Y Jet Set Radioas reported from Bloomberg. Both titles are part of the Japanese company’s “Super Game” initiative, so they will be focused on the online with a game structure as a servicepursuing the economic and public success of proposals such as fortnite battle royale.

The information from the aforementioned media does not go into specific details about the platforms on which these two titles will appear or the release date, although the sources of the header point to a premiere in 2024 or 2025. Those same people are the ones who point out SEGA’s interest in having one or more games like the battle royale by EpicGames that continuously offer income through microtransactions (without this indicating that they are free or paid games).

SEGA’s “Super Game” initiative was announced in May 2021. With an investment of approximately 100 billion yen (over €724 million at the current rate) intend to go “beyond the limits of conventional games” as “the way people interact with games is becoming more diverse and the ecosystem is growing exponentially,” according to a statement from Sega Sammy. The titles coming out of this project will be multi-platform, focused on community building and online gaming, high budget, with a global premiere and the possibility of using cloud gaming technologies, and perhaps, the blockchain and NFTs.

SEGA will use Microsoft Azure technology in those games

In November 2021, SEGA and Microsoft announced a collaboration agreement for the former to develop video games taking advantage of the latter’s Azure technology. “Together we will reimagine how games are made, stored and managedwith the intention of adding more value to players and SEGA,” said Microsoft’s Sarah Bond at the time. This technology will be leveraged in the “Super Game” initiative.

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