Several prototypes of PlayStation 5 are sold at a Japanese auction

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several prototypes of playstation 5 are sold at a japanese

The latest consoles released, the PS5 and Xbox Series X, are commonly called next-gen consoles despite having been with us for more than two years. These are the first to bring an SSD as standard and achieve performance and quality figures never seen before. But to make it possible, there have been prototypes prior to them and in fact, in a auction made in japan, are being sold various PS5 prototypes as limited time offers.

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X are the ones that will determine the future of video games for years to come. As is tradition, each new generation of consoles is the one that will determine the graphic quality and complexity of the games. With rare exceptions, most triple A video games end up coming out on both consoles and PCs, so these must be up to the task to deliver what was promised.

Several prototypes of PS5 used as devkits are put up for auction

Prototype 2 PS5 Yahoo

Throughout the development of a console, a series of prototypes are created to check its operation, experiment with the desEsports Extrasand see its capabilities. Speaking of this, a Japanese seller of Yahoo Auctions has been putting up for sale various PS5 prototypes in an auction on said platform. These have lasted only 24 hourssomething that is strange to us knowing the great interest that this product arouses.

Despite this, a development kit was managed to be sold last week.”prototype 2“from PS5 by 800,000 yensome €5,080. Later this weekend there was another auction for a PS5.”prototype 1“, reaching a figure of 3,500 euro (551,000 yen). Yesterday the third and for now the last sale took place, as another auction was created for a unknown PS5 prototype which ended up being sold for €4,150 (600,000 yen).

These prototypes require a license and are only useful for collectors.

ps5 console devkit

Now, for all those looking to acquire one of these prototypes, it is believed that they are the first models of the console and are older than the official Sony development kit. Seen like this, it is not that they are functional consoles and more when it is mentioned that they require a Sony limited license. It is strange that the company itself has not taken action knowing that there have been auctions of several of its prototypes.

There is hardly any information about these, since they were units that were used by the company itself and perhaps a few developers in a confidential manner. They are expected to bring a older firmware compared to the official development kit, but this does not guarantee that they will be able to make them work. Seen like this, these PS5 prototypes from the auction become collectors items.

In fact, the seller himself acquired some like the PlayStation 5 Prototype 2 from eBay for collecting purposes. No technical details have been given about it, but we can see interesting things in the images shown. Thus we have the typical buttons of a PS5 development kit: Status 1/Status 2, On/Standby, Eject, Reset, System Init and Network Init. Along with this, we find nothing less than 6 USBbeing one of them USB-C. On the back there is an additional USB, two ethernet ports and a hdmi port necessary to give video signal.

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