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Shadow Warrior 3 is updated for free to Xbox Series XlS and these are its improvements | we are xbox

The bloody Shadow Warrior 3 is usually remembered as the weakest and most forgettable delivery of the saga; SW3 was, like its predecessors, ultra-violent, but, in the case of this third installment, it was also ultra-short, both due to the very length of its campaEsports Extrasand the little room for replayability it had. Also, its starting price didn’t help either. However, almost a year after its launch, the publisher Devolver Digital in conjunction with the studio Flying Wild Hog, announce that Shadow Warrior 3 will be updated for free, an update that will be listed as the definitive version for next-gen consoles and PC. If the recent leak that suggests that Shadow Warrior 3 will swell the Gamepass catalog is true, this news will fall like a glove to anyone who wants to play it from the subscription service.

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As we collect in an update note published on Steam, with this great free SW3 update «will count with exciting new features and performance improvements […] Survival mode is an all-new game mode consisting of 3 new battlefields providing hours of new gameplay, while 3 new weapon skins will be available for those who can complete the challenge!».

Shadow Warrior 3 is free to update

Shadow Warrior 3 is updated for free and these are all the improvements that this definitive version will integrate

The study has indicated that thanks to the final version this fast-paced shooter will be revitalized. I think we can agree that “revitalize” is the ideal word for an update that, among what has most caught our attention, will add two game modes that, according to the developer, are designed to increase replayability —of a title totally devoid of it.


Now, as a volume of content, the final version adds: Two new game modes (survival and hero), new weapon skins, new difficulty mode (extreme difficulty), New Game Plus mode («a new way to experience the ultraviolet action of the story mode of Shadow Warrior 3″), performance mode at 60 FPS and 4K visual mode at 30FPS. Remember that it will be a free release for everyone who has gotten hold of the game. The update will arrive on February 16 on Xbox Series X | S, PS5 & PC.

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