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Shadows Of The Damned Remake Announced And Direct From Grasshopper Manufacture

shadows of the damned remake announced and direct from grasshopper

The seventh generation cult game, Shadows Of The Damned, will be making its return in an official remaster.

Let’s go back in time for a second, we’re back in the seventh generation and we see the first announcement of a collaboration between goichi sweatthe creator of killer7 and No More Heroeswith shinji mikamicreator of resident Evil and The Evil Within. Expectations obviously go out the window, and we were all excited by the possibilities of what these two titans could do together.


The end result was Shadows Of The Damned, an action game with elements of horror and satire quite marked. The development of the game itself, had a quite radical turn, because the original vision of both visionaries was in a game much more focused on terror. In fact, they were working heavily on the lighting elements and a rather unique gothic medieval setting, but all this changed when they made a deal with EA to publish the game.

The game ended up being a third-person shooter with a lot of air to Resident Evil 4 As for combat. And it really is it was not the original vision of the gamebut still, many people found the title quite charming and interestingeven if later the role of both Japanese directors became almost non-existent in the game.

Now, Grasshopper Manufacture decided to give the game a second chanceand are currently working on a remaster from Shadows Of The Damned. In the trailer we could see the protagonist of the game Garcia Hotspurwalking through the offices of Grasshopper Manufacture, and even Goichi Suda himself has appeared, so we can presume that although the game was not what he initially planned, it still has his approval.


In addition to this, they have announced that Grasshopper Manufacture will have a live show on June 15, as reported by Eurogamer and the trailer itself. so we can wait news of the remaster coming soon.