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Shadows over Morrowind is the new adventure of The Elder Scrolls Online in 2023

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Thanks to the presentation that ended a few minutes ago on Xbox Developer_Direct, we already have a name and date for the new adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online, called Necrom (Shadows over Morrowind in Spanish). The next chapter of the . from Zenimax Online Studios moves away from the Isla Alta archipelago and takes us to a region well known to fans of the Bethesda series: morrowind. However, this new chapter, which will officially arrive on June 5, will begin with a prelude in the dungeon DLC. Scribes of Fatescheduled for release on PC on March 13, and a couple of weeks later (on the 28th of the same month) for Xbox consoles.

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Necrom will feature thirty hours of new story content, in which players will be able to visit two zones in the eastern region of Morrowind and introduces a new class to the game: the arcanist. This new type of character receives his abilities from the magic of the Daedra prince. Hermaeus Mora and his plane of Oblivion.

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