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Shanks makes history again in the EVO

John «Shank» Namay is the story of the esports and the fighting games in USA. A figure that has transcended the national scene, becoming a worldwide benchmark for a long time, and after achieving a historic Top 8 for USA at EVO 2019, reaches those instances of the tournament again in a very special EVO 2022, which marks the return to face-to-face events.

Shanks finished the tournament in seventh place in a tournament that was won by the French player Wawa. Not only did he stand out at a competitive level, Shanks also left us one of the most memorable moments of this EVO 2022, encouraging the entire public to shout in unison the Cell’s scream.


Shanks and Dragon Ball FighterZ

A whole life dedicated to fighting gamesbut the great moment of his career came from the hand of dragon ball fighter z, a game that he dominated like no other and made him stand out both nationally and internationally. Shanks has been faithful from the beginning to the game of Arc System Works, Despite a certain abandonment of the title by the developer, the player of giants has continued to insist on a game that after this EVO 2022 will have a new life.

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One of the great news of the event was that dragon ball fighter z will have roll-backan essential addition that will greatly improve the on-line of the title. great figures of the fighting games received the news with great joy, with sonicfox Y GO1 highlighting that they will return to the game. An extra motivation to continue devoting time to a game that is very much alive again.



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