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Shigeru Miyamoto Banned a Wario-Style Evil Version of Peach


Shigeru Miyamoto Banned a Wario-Style Evil Version of Peach

If Mario has Wario and Luigi has Waluigi, why wouldn’t Princess Peach have her own badass, naughty version? It seems like an idea with more or less sense within the universe of Nintendo characters, however the original creator seems not to have liked it: 15 years ago some developers tried to present Walupeach’s design, a new Wario-style character but inspired by Peach. what happened? That Shigueru Miyamoto refused to see said design.

In an old interview (rescued by Twitter user @gosokkyu) it is said that Shugo Takahashi, co-founder of Camelot studio (developers of Mario Tennis and Mario Golf), was encouraged to introduce a new character to Miyamoto. That character, nicknamed ‘Walupeach’, was a villainous version of Peach. They were encouraged because they were who created waluigi to Mario Tennis 64a character who was (and is) very well received by fans of the universe.

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Miyamoto and his veto of the hooligan version of Peach

However, before they could even present the desEsports Extrasthey were met with a refusal of Shigeru Miyamoto himself. In Camelot they had hopes of being able to introduce Walupeach in their next game, but the creator of Mario put those ideas out of their heads: “I know it’s just going to be like Doronjo, so don’t bother”, it seems Miyamoto said. Doronjo is a character in the series Time Bokan Series: Yatterman and her personality stands out for being that of a head of a criminal gang obsessed with gold and treasures.

Although Shugo Takahashi ensures that his desEsports Extraswas not so, but rather one similar to that of a fallen angel, the truth is that we will never know what Walupeach could have been like if it had existed in the Camelot and Nintendo games. Do you agree with Miyamoto’s veto or on the contrary would you like to see a hooligan version of Peach?

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