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Shin chan My summer with the Professor – The infinite week, analysis and opinions of the game for Nintendo Switch | 3D Games Reviews

Since its introduction, the new Shin chan video game has been widely acclaimed and expected by users. It is not for less. Yoshito Usui’s manganime work has enjoyed great success, especially on the small screen. What to expect from this title? Then I tell you everything in this analysis.

Of the best memories I have of childhood, many occurred in the summer. You know: the end of classes, more time to play, vacations at the beach or at the town house… Shin chan’s video game: My summer with the Professor – The infinite week has taken me back to that time, and I think that for that alone it deserves a little bit of your attention. Of course, do not expect high doses of adrenaline. this is about relax and live a story according to the episodes of this renowned manganime creation: in other words, the everyday life of a Japanese family, and more particularly of Shinosuke Nohara, a shameless 5-year-old boy.

Therefore, we are facing a game clearly aimed at fans of Yoshito Usui’s work, which perfectly portrays the feeling of television production. Personally, having followed this endearing character for years, I relate him more to OVAs or animated movies, which are usually spin off that fall outside the narrative arc of the series. The case of this video game is a clear example, as it proposes a trip to Asso, in Kumamoto, where a series of strange events take place related to a crazy professor, a mysterious camera… and even dinosaurs!

A summer with Shin-chan

Shin chan: My summer with the Professor – The infinite week takes the form of an adventure full of exploration and conversations. All throughout a week with a number of activities to complete, which have to do with going from one place to another, meeting the locals, running a good handful of errands, hunting insects, fishing, watering crops and even participating in turn-based battles in the purest Pokemon style. There’s quite a bit of variety on paper, but at the same time a strange sense of monotony, that days go by without you feeling like you’re always doing different (and exciting) things.

Shinosuke’s family life is portrayed as it occurs in the events of the animated series.I think that’s the biggest problem with this game, that in its roughly 12-15 hours It gives a certain sense of repetition. Without the need to go into plot details and why this happens, just explain that you will go through the same scenarios on infinite occasions. Although it is true that the map and its routes open up with new locations and events, this does not prevent the feeling that everything is going very slowly, and in fact it is not designed for long game sessions, since it can get exhausting.

crayon shin chan review

That said, the dynamic fits with the summer tone of history Sinchan carelessly wanders through a beautiful village in rural Japan, and this is something that the developers of Neos have been able to take advantage of to give us an absolutely beautiful artistic section. Time passes between screen and screen, offering us beautiful scenes at dawn, dusk and dusk. The disposition of the characters also changes, and of course there are sequences of breakfast, family dinner, and even the relaxing baths with Hiroshi. Shinosuke’s family life is portrayed as it occurs in the events of the animated series.

For this reason, this video game is nothing more than a projection of what we have seen on television for so many years. You will contemplate the irreverence of Shin chan showing his ass (there is a button to do it), but also in his conversations, with cutting phrases and flirting techniques included. The translation to Spanish It helps a lot to follow the plot. It is not the best, it must be said, but the effort put in is appreciated, and that there are even curious localization details to adapt to our culture.

Crayon Shin-chan Nintendo Switch

If you connect with the character and his experiences, I think it could be a good option, but let me make its pros and cons clear. Starting with the most positive, there is the visual section of him, with hand drawn drawings that are reflected as is in the scene to portray environments and landscapes. The result is beautiful, and although some dynamism is missing, this is manifested through the modeling and animations of the characters, as well as the appearance of some other element on the scene, such as insects or fish in rivers or ponds.

I liked being able catch butterflies and insects, with a collection of about a hundred elements. There are also addictive dynamics, such as harvest vegetables to be rewarded with yen which, in return, allows us to buy things like Shin chan’s delicious chocolate chip cookies. Then it is interesting that there is in the town a newspaper writing, and we are the particular reporters who illustrate the various events that occur (some important, others ridiculous, how could it be otherwise). This basically builds the progression of the game, and as I say it’s not bad at all.

crayon shin chan

The game lacks variety and sufficiently stimulating mechanicsHowever, the game lacks variety and challenging enough mechanics. Fishing is very simple, repetitive errands and there is a “rock, paper, scissors” minigame that has no path. The feeling is that narratively it is a game aimed at a rather grown-up audience (like the series), but that in the playable plane it does not take off. I don’t want to say that you can’t enjoy it, because its positive aspects are not few, but it is somewhat far from what could have been a recommendable video game without palliatives. As such a limited interest release. You might like it if you are a fan of Shinchan, but even in this case you should take into account the limited nature of its proposal. It’s cute, charming and also ideal if you want to relax playing. But you are left with the feeling that he could have given more of himself. Maybe the next time.


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