Shinji Mikami, one of the creators of Resident Evil, leaves the Tango Gameworks studio

One of the world’s most renowned video game designers and producers will soon be leaving the studio he led and helped create. Shinji Mikami, the genius behind names like resident Evil and The Evil Withinwill leave the Tango Gameworks studio in the coming months.

This news came to us thanks to an email sent to all ZeniMax employees by Todd Vaughn, Senior Vice President of Development at Bethesda. In this it was reported that Mikami decided to leave the studio of which he is a co-founder and of which he has been director for more than a decade.

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Through a business email, Bethesda announced that the Tango Gameworks studio loses its head: Shinji Mikami, co-creator of Resident Evil.
The Evil Within and Ghostwire Tokyo are two of the games that Shinji Mikami oversaw at Tango Gameworks studio

The email, whose authenticity was verified by Bethesda employees for TrueAchievements, does not mention the reasons that led the designer to make this decision. What it does reveal is that the new leadership of the study will be chosen by senior managers of the company.

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Mikami has not commented directly on this news, so we do not know what his plans for the future will be. It is curious that he made the decision at a very positive moment for the studio thanks to the success of Hi Fi Rush, which was released by surprise at the end of January.

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Source: TrueAchievements