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Shinji Mikami’s first words after leaving Tango Gameworks | we are xbox

Yesterday there was surprise news that few expected: the legendary Shinji Mikami, creator of the Resident Evil saga and founder of Tango Gameworks, a studio that belongs to Xbox Game Studios, I was leaving the company. After the official confirmation by Bethesda, we now have the Shinji Mikami’s first words after leaving Tango Gameworks. A few words that serve as a farewell to the company with which The Evil Within, GhostWire Tokyo or Hi-Fi Rush was born, but that do not clarify their motives or what their next steps are in their professional career, if any and if any. not end up opting for a withdrawal.

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Shinji Mikami's first words after leaving Tango Gameworks 45

“Thank you to all of you who have supported Tango so far. I leave Tango, but the younger ones have grown very well. Please, continue to support the games that Tango releases in the future”, Mikami has communicated on his Twitter account without going into details on the matter and devoting most of the message to praising Tango Gameworks and the people who stay in the game. Japanese study. A Tango that has started the year in a spectacular way with the surprise premiere of Hi-Fi Rush, which has become a success on Game Pass and Steam and is already considered one of the best video games so far this year.

For his part, there is little that can be said about Shinji Mikami that has not already been said. He is about the creative genius of Resident Evil, Dino Crisis or The Evil Within and, therefore, it is among the great world figures of terror, not only in the video game sector, but also in entertainment in general. The legacy that he leaves is incredible, but also the unknowns about his future, which he continues to clarify. Will he retire? Will you sEsports Extrasfor another company? Will you found a new one as you already did with Tango? We have no choice but to wait for future events and thank you for everything you have achieved.

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