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Shroud and his new comparison of the difficulty of VALORANT and CS:GO

Yes ok Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still the great FPS in our region, little by little we have seen how VALORANT He has hit a significant high. The shooter from Riot Games has found a way to attract more players and many content creators and professionals have decided to switch to this game. This is how we have seen it with Michael Grzesiek «shroud«, who on more than one occasion has spoken about these two video games.

A few hours ago, the famous content creator spoke again about the two titles. Soon Shroud will make his pro debut alongside the Sentinels. This arrival on the competitive landscape of shooter from Riot Games will be four years after retiring from CS:GO. And so, Shroud has highlighted that VALORANT is a much more complex video game than the Valve title.


Shroud and his new comparison between VALORANT and CS:GO

On this occasion, Shroud contradicts the words he said back in 2020. At that time, the Sentinels player said that VALORANT was much easier since the maps had fewer distractions and the learning ceiling is much lower. However, after spending many hours playing the Riot Games game and joining a professional team, Shroud has completely changed his opinion.

«This game is very difficult. CS:GO looks like a joke next to it, I assure you. I’m not trying to sugarcoat anything, this game is hard and there’s no more to talk about“He stated in full direct while playing. «I really wonder if it’s hard because all the players are so good because the game is possibly easier. Maybe this is what makes the competition so much higherShroud concluded.


For now, Shroud is about to start a new competitive life with the Sentinels in VALORANT. We’ll see how it goes and what he thinks of returning to the professional game four years after his retirement.

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