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Shroud explains what you’ll need to continue competing in VALORANT

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A few weeks ago it was announced that Michael Grzesiek «shroud» would return to the competitive landscape. The content creator joined Sentinels to play in the discipline of VALORANT. Although a priori it was going to be a brief return so that Sentinels can compete in the NA Last Chance Qualifier next month, there is a possibility that Shroud decides to extend his presence in the competitive longer.

During one of his last live shows, Shroud commented on this possibility. However, he acknowledged that some conditions must be met so that he decided to continue competing professionally in the VALORANT circuit. The main thing is to know how the North American franchise system that will be established for the next year 2023 will work.



Shroud on his future in competitive VALORANT

«If the VALORANT franchises end up happening and developing in Los Angeles, where I currently live, there’s a good chance I’ll continue to play the shooter professionally.«. With these words, Shroud made it clear that there is a strong possibility that he will continue to compete as a professional player in the Riot Games video game..

What is not clear to him is whether he will continue playing in Sentinels. And it is not yet known if the organization will be within the VALORANT franchises. What is clear is that Shroud’s arrival in VALORANT was completely unexpected and that he has created a hype about all the fans shooter.

For now, Shroud will play with Sentinels during the Last Chance Qualifier. The winner of the event will qualify for Champions of VALORANT which will be played in September. In case of qualifying, there is the possibility that Shroud will play the international championship of the shooter along with Sentinels. So far we have already seen the player in action for a few minutes due to a scrimmage mistakenly leaked by TenZ.


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