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Shroud gets fed up with sexism in VALORANT and talks about it live

Although it is not a tasteful dish, every competitive video game has its toxic side. We always try to avoid it and the companies themselves immediately punish it. However, there are times when it is impossible to avoid and you have to show it in public. That happened to Michael Grzesiek «shroud» this weekend, when he displayed new sexist behavior on VALORANT.

It is not the first time that we see how some players discriminate against women for the mere fact of being women. there we have the serious example of IShowSpeeda popular content creator on YouTube who left us one of the most embarrassing scenes shooter. And a few days ago a new behavior of this caliber occurred that Shroud did not hesitate to denounce directly.

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Shroud denounces a new case of sexism in VALORANT live

Shroud was playing with Hannah Kennedy «bananas» and another woman entered her group. Suddenly, a player said if there were two women in the lobby, to which Bnans herself replied with a ‘Yes. As soon as he heard the answer, the player said that he was going to Dodge because “he loses all the games in which he has a woman in his team«. Instantly Shroud went to talk to him, though it was already late because this user had already left the room.

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«I wonder why they do thisShroud said. Next, the content creator thought and blamed the influencers toxic of these behaviors that we should never see. «We have too many influencers who are shitty people. They do not realize its impact. Maybe I’ve been saying that, but the reality is that they do not realize the impact they have on the younger generationShroud concluded.

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What is clear is that these behaviors are completely out of place and should be punished immediately, preventing these players from enjoying any title of this caliber again..

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