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Sifu is coming to Xbox and Steam on March 28, along with the free Arenas update.

sloclap has announced that sifu arrives at Xbox One, Xbox Series and Steam he 28th Marchwith a price of 39.99 euros. sifu was one of the most acclaimed games of 2022, a challenging martial arts game with touches of roguelike, with a very careful and deep gameplay in which the protagonist ages with each defeat. Along with the arrival of new platforms, also receive the new Arenas update, which includes five game modes and will be free for all versions, including PlayStation and Switch. You can see it in the following trailer:

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What does the Arenas expansion consist of?

with nine new locations and 45 challenges Spread across five game modes, the Arenas expansion adds up to 10 additional hours of gameplay, to a title that is already very challenging and difficult to finish. In the mode survival we will have to face waves of enemies, play perfectly in the mode performancewhile with time attack Players will be able to fight against time on a path full of enemies. in the new mode Capture we will have to take and hold a marked zone, and in the mode Manhunt You have to defeat a target surrounded by protectors.

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sifu It is a title with a very interesting proposal, which reimagines the classic me against the neighborhood, and that will please those who enjoy demanding combat” we tell you in our analysis. A game that if you like martial arts and great challenges you should prove.

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