Sifu Reveals Details Of Free Arenas Expansion In New Trailer

Prepare your fists, elbows, feet and anything else you can use to hit thugs: sifu will debut on Xbox and Steam on March 28, along with a free expansion that will also hit all available platforms and includes Arena Mode. You can read our review HERE.

Developer Sloclap today revealed an action-packed trailer detailing what the Arenas Expansion has in store.

With nine new locations and 45 ruthless challenges spread across five game modes, the “Arenas Expansion” adds up to 10 additional hours of gameplay to the already demanding title. Kung Fu masters will be pushed to the limit by waves of enemies crashing into them in Survival mode, or brought to perfection in Performance mode, while with Time Attack players can fight against the clock on a path packed with enemies.

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Sifus looking for a twist on the impressive combat system can try the new Capture mode, in which they must take and hold a marked area, or Manhunt mode, in which they must defeat a target surrounded by protectors.

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Regardless of how you choose to do Kung Fu, you’ll be dismantling your enemies through various and beautiful settings. Whether in fizzing, colorful voids or rain-drenched alleys, enemies will await you, ready to be struck down with speed and ferocity.

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