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Wake up

The story of Signalis is one of those stories about which we can reveal little without going into serious spoilers, but we can put you in a situation. It all starts with a crashed ship at a secret Eusan government facility., in which experiments of dubious morality are being carried out. As an Elster unit, an android or replica Created and designed to assist the humans on the ships, we must discover what has happened to our partner.

Needless to say, everything goes wrong quickly, the ship doesn’t respond, we can’t communicate and worst of all, our partner isn’t there. From now on, our duty will be to find Ariane, who apparently is our partner. There is a lot of background in this story and I must say that, at times, I have had the feeling that I am watching a chapter of Neon Genesis Evangelion because of how some of the cinematic scenes that dot the story are shown.


Throughout the story we will find numerous enemies of various types, places that border on the bizarre and, above all, many dark areas that will keep us in constant tension. As I said at the beginning of the analysis, games like Silent Hill achieved a terrifying atmosphere thanks to their enemies that locked you in corridors (like forgetting the hospital nurses in any of the Konami titles), or with the simple fact of glimpsing them among the fog. Signalis gets a similar effect at many times in the game. and this is something that only speaks well of the title developed by Rose-Engine.


signalis image shadow enemies

The terror of a lifetime with a new point of view

There are many types of horror games on the market. We have open world games in which zombies roam freely like State of Decay 2, others more linear and corridors like Back 4 Blood or more focused on playing with friends like the famous Left 4 Dead, but without a doubt, The most widespread type of horror games is survival horrorand within that genre, there are games like Resident Evil, which have marked the evolution of the genre for years.

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The game style that we find in Signalis is largely reminiscent of those Resident Evil from the beginning of the saga when the main thing was to go from one place to another solving puzzles and finding keys to access new areas of the map. As with your vibe, Signalis, He has managed to adapt that style of play and those mechanics to new controlsbut that maintain that classic essence.

From an aerial point of view and moving through separate rooms, Signalis confronts us with a good variety of enemies, each with their strengths and weaknesses, for which we will move with a 2D control and with a fairly intuitive button configuration. . We can aim our weapons at the enemy we want by simply moving the right Joystick while holding RT and pressing the shoot button. A simple mechanic that is accompanied by a more than enough range of weapons to face the story.

the armory Features firearms such as pistols, shotguns, or rifles, and melee weapons single use to electrocute our enemies and kill them instantly. But be very careful, once we have the enemy on the ground we will have to finish him off with a stomp, doesn’t it remind you of the way to finish off enemies from Silent Hill?


Follow the enemy stomp image

As for the healing objects, we will have repair patches, repair sprays and auto-injectable syringes. They are not abundant by far, and together with the scant amount of ammunition, are two elements that add that constant burdenwhich leads us to consider confrontation or flight at all times while we go to the next point of our mission.

Puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles

But don’t think it will be easy to move around the map, Signalis is a game that It stands out for the puzzles that we will find practically from the beginning. Although they are not extremely difficult puzzles, Signalis brings back going from here to there by locating objects that we can combine with each other to activate mechanisms, or locate each of the keys to open all the locked doors on the map.

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But it doesn’t just stop there, here comes into play one of the biggest obstacles that Signalis has, its 6-slot inventory. The fact of being able to carry only 6 objects forces us to think very carefully about what we want to carry with us at all times, and if we take into account that we need weapons and ammunition, the space is even more reduced, having to often visit the chests in which we can store the objects.


signalis image radio

Another element added to the puzzles and combat is the radio, which during some confrontations, will tell us what frequency we should tune in to know which enemy we should kill. It is a simple mechanic that is executed with the controller’s crosshead and gives us an extra nerve by having to tune the radio while we dodge the rest of the enemies. As for the puzzles, the radio works in many cases as an “activation key”, in which some mechanisms can react to certain frequencies in particular.

An artistic style reminiscent of great anime works

Going into the artistic and technical section of Signalis, I have to say that I got a huge surprise when I found myself a style that has reminded me of works like Evangelion or Ghost in the Shell. Although what is really interesting is how they have managed to bring that style to Esports Extras Art graphics that leave shocking and terrifying images, and the occasional emotional one.

The sound that accompanies Signalis both in its soundtrack and its sound effects, only increase the feeling of loneliness, terror and overwhelm that the title tries to impose. Whether the sound of weapons, doors opening, enemies approaching or the sound of the radio from our inventory, He is focused on creating this environment and the truth is that he succeedscreating a story of intrigue and terror from which you do not feel like leaving.

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signalis image save point

If to all of the above we add that the game It is available in Game Pass, and it is translated into Spanishthere is no possible excuse for not giving it a chance, although I must say that in this section, a little more impetus when translating, especially the most “disturbing” scenes of the game would not have been unnecessary, since there are moments in which we only see words in other languages ​​on the screen.



Signalis is a game that has managed to adapt the most classic mechanics to modern times, adding an aerial view that helps create this environment. The shortage of ammunition and cures, the enemies yelling at you when you cross any door, the disturbing scenarios or the story told in the purest Evangelion style, They are points that do nothing but add positively to this title. While not all that glitters is gold, combat is easy if you have enough ammunition and inventory space is rather a nuisance.

All this being said, I can only recommend Signalis to all those lovers of classic Survival Horrorfor those who enjoy convoluted stories that give you food for thought and for those who want to spend some time in heartbreak but without having a heart attack along the way.



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