Silent Hill Ascension: how is Konami’s horror franchise project

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silent hill ascension: how is konami's horror franchise project

One month ago we learned the history of Silent Hill Ascension, video game developed by Genvid Entertainment. This game from Konami’s ‘survival horror’ franchise is described by its developers as “an interactive experience in which an entire community participates and in which decisions made together will be canonical.” Now, thanks to a behind the scenes shared by the Esports Extrasportal, we know new details.

Previously, Jacon Navok —CEO of Genvid Entertainment— commented on Twitter, that players who log in once a day will be able to “see all available decisions for the first 24 hours.” While the “super important” decisions will also show up well in advance. It should be noted that the decisions will be made mainly by viewers and players in real time through ‘Quick Time Events’ (QTE). Additionally, Navok added that those who cannot connect every day will also be able to influence the canon and outcome of the story. This thanks to some community puzzles, which can be experienced at a more leisurely pace. In addition, all previous broadcasts will be archived. Thanks to this you will be able to keep up to date with the history of Silent Hill Ascension if you cannot attend the premiere time.

Silent Hill Ascension will have a «What if?

Silent Hill Ascension: how is Konami's horror franchise project

Navok has also commented on Twitter that decisions are made during the first season of Silent Hill Ascension they will be canonical. Furthermore, he added that after this first season ends, the canonical decisions will be locked. This, according to the CEO of Genvid Entertainment, will be a “mini-season” or “What if».

When does it come out or what is the release date of Silent Hill Ascension?

Silent Hill Ascension: how is Konami's horror franchise project

At the moment, it is unknown when it comes out or what is the release date of Silent Hill Ascension. However, the development team has stated that it will reveal more details in the coming months. So we must be aware to know when it starts, where to see and participate, and how to be part of the decisions of Silent Hill Ascension. Of course, this project will be released this year. Genvid, Behavior Interactive, Bad Robot Games —from JJ Abrams— and dj2 Entertainment —a company known for adapting games for television and film— are taking an active part in the development of Silent Hill Ascension.

Source: IGN

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