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Silent Hill Ascension: the game finally shows itself, it’s very promising!

silent hill ascension: the game finally shows itself, it's very

The Silent Hill franchise returns from the dead after years of absence. Konami has put the package has multiplied the projects. One of them is coming this year and already promises big surprises.


There are plenty of Silent Hill projects. Silent Hill 2 Remake, certainly the biggest expectation, is developed by the Bloober Team (Layers of Fears) and should arrive soon. Then there is Silent Hill f, an ultra-confidential project about which we don’t know much except that it will take place in old Japan, or Townfall, a title developed by and published by Annapurna. There’s even a film inspired by Silent Hill 2 in the works, directed by Christophe Gans, director of the first feature film.
Finally, Silent Hill Ascension arrives this year with its unique and ultra-promising concept. Although it is not yet known on which streaming platform it will be broadcast, or on what date.

Silent Hill Ascension promises a unique and spooky experience

Silent Hill Climb presents itself as an interactive animation series where viewers will decide the fate of the protagonists and the very future of the show. Produced by Genvid with help from other studios including Behaviour, the dads of Dead by Daylight, Ascent was revealed for the very first time via a trailer which automatically announces the color. We see several characters evolve in particularly dark environments. Some are even shrouded in the famous fog, a classic in the franchise. Creatures, created by Behavior therefore, relentlessly track down these poor souls who are trying by all means to survive. For now, we don’t know exactly what the franchise will be about, but the theme will be centered around strong characters and big traumas.


In fact, it’s your series

During each episode, it is the viewers who will make choices. Each decision will impact the story as a whole as well as the following episodes until the outcome. Genvid claims that currently no one knows how the series will end, not even the creators and other artists working on it. “Even the creators of the project do not know how it will end Silent Hill Climb. The fate of the characters is in the hands of the audience” can we read on the press release. We really want to believe it. Seen from here, the project is still very enticing and singular enough to tickle our curiosity. To be continued.