Silent Hill Ascension: this is the first cinematographic trailer of the episodic game of the Konami franchise

silent hill ascension: this is the first cinematographic trailer of

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Silent Hill Ascension: this is the first cinematographic trailer of the episodic game of the Konami franchise

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Seven months ago we learned that Konami has been working, in the company of other studios, on various games in the franchise. silent hill. one of these is Silent Hill Ascension, which is being developed by Genvid Entertainment. This study describes Silent Hill Ascension as “an interactive experience in which an entire community participates and in which decisions made together will be canonical.” Now thanks to a new film trailer we know a little more about what it will deal with Silent Hill Ascension.

What will the story be about? Silent Hill Ascension?

Silent Hill Ascension story

In trailer of Silent Hill Ascension We can appreciate that the story of the game will be about various adventures starring multiple characters. Each of the characters Ascension they will have to face the horrors of the cursed town known as Silent Hill. Additionally, the trailer implies that —as in The Dark Pictures the decisions of the players dictate the fate of what happens to the protagonists of the game.

Silent Hill Ascension story
Insane Cancer of Silent Hill 3 come back in Ascension.

Although these protagonists are new, thanks to the cinematographic trailer of Silent Hill Ascension, we see that some monsters appear reminiscent of those seen in previous installments of Konami’s psychological horror franchise. Additionally, the game developer has said that the protagonists of the story of Silent Hill Ascension they will be “from places all over the world” and that “entire towns” could be victims of this type of event. Will be Silent Hill Ascension set in places that share the same curse as Silent Hill?

Silent Hill Ascension It will have a mode where the public decides what happens to the protagonists.

Silent Hill Ascension It does not yet have an exact release date, but Konami has stated that it will hit the market in 2023 from Behavior Interactive, Genvid and Bad Robot Games.

Source: Genvid Entertainment official YouTube account

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