Sisu’s Creator Talks About The Future Of The Action Hero

sisu's creator talks about the future of the action hero

Tom Henry

Sisu’s Creator Talks About The Future Of The Action Hero

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The successful Finnish action film from writer-director Jalmari Helander, sisufollows an ex-commando named Aatami (Jorma Tommila) as he tries to make a fortune and fend off those who are after him.

Quickly catapulted to success with her daring action and brutal violence, fans are already asking for more from the veteran soldier, and GamesRadar spoke to the film’s creator to find out more.

Says director Helander, “I have an idea of ​​what will happen next. That was one of the biggest challenges in writing it, as I didn’t know how gold would make him happy in the end.”

“So I decided to end the movie the way I did, but it would be interesting to see what happens to him when he has all the money in the world, as I’m pretty sure it won’t make him happy.”

“Maybe someone will need his skills again, but we’ll see.”

Plus, Aatami’s past going after the Russians responsible for the murder of his family has fans salivating over a prequel.

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