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Skull and Bones: very bad news still makes us fear the worst

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Skull and Bones is still talking about him with yet another bad news, it seems that the game is taking the water.


Decidedly, Ubisoft has not been in its best shape lately, and if we hope that the publisher will manage to get its head above water, the bad news is linked to some of its big games. Although the firm wanted to reassure fans about Beyond Good & Evil 2 following the announcement of several internal project cancellations, Skull and Bones meanwhile suffered a new postponement. Here too, Ubisoft had also tried to be reassuring by telling us that it would soon have the right to a new release date, but recent events now make us fear the worst.

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Skull and Bones removed from PlayStation Store

The news, reported by PlayStationLifeStyle, this time concerns pre-orders of the game which are gradually being canceled and refunded, especially on PS5. Moreover, pre-orders have been removed from the PlayStation Store altogether. Curiously, on PC and Xbox, these remain open.


On Sony’s consoles, it’s no longer possible to checkout, but you can still wishlist the game to be notified when it’s back online. A news that enrages PlayStation players, just take a quick tour of social networks to see it. After years of waiting and several postponements, fans were hopeful of finally seeing their game arrive before having the rug pulled out from under them again.

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Skull and Bones: very bad news still makes us fear the worst 24

Land in sight! Oh…oh no

What’s going on at Skull and Bones ? The game had recently shown up with new gameplay sequences to try to impress us and seduce storytelling enthusiasts. Development seems to be going well against all odds, and despite its further postponement, it should be released one day. Only, it seems that it will not be for now, unless the game ends up downright changing its model by passing, for example, to free-to-play. Which could be a way like any other to avoid premature sinking. But when you see all the resources the game has already commandeered, that would be amazing.

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Anyway, for now, players can only wait. Ubisoft should most certainly give us some news shortly, hoping this time it will be good.
Skull and Bones should arrive soon on PS5, Xbox Series and PC, but as said above, it has no release date for the time being.