Skull Island: Rise of Kong is this size on Nintendo Switch

Tom Henry

skull island: rise of kong is this size on nintendo

In this news we talk to you about Skull Island: Rise of Kong, which has confirmed your download size. Here you have all the details.

You already know that it is confirmed for October 17, 2023 after the leak a few months ago and the subsequent announcement. Indeed, it is the same week in which Sonic Superstars and Super Mario Bros Wonder are released. The fans They don’t understand why that day was chosen and they believe that this promising game will be completely overshadowed.

As for the size of your download, this is 1.7 GB on Nintendo Switch. This is the space that those who decide to buy it and download it digitally in the eShop must have free in the console’s memory. The title will also be sold in physical format and this physical edition does not require an additional download.

Based on the rich history of Skull Island Developed by creator Joe DeVito and based on King Kong by Merian C. Cooper, this thrilling third-person action-adventure game lets you become Kong on a journey of revenge as you fight to claim your rightful place as King of the Skull Island.

We leave you with its latest trailer:

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