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Skyrim fan completed over 3000 quests per second according to funny display bug

4 billion quests completed in 15 days.  That's only possible thanks to a bug.

4 billion quests completed in 15 days. That’s only possible thanks to a bug.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is without question a pretty powerful game with plenty to do. Sometimes we could almost believe that there are just endless side missions. However, over four billion completed quests somehow sounds like a gross exaggeration.


But that’s exactly what a fan saw on their Xbox profile. To take the whole thing to the extreme, the person is said to have needed just a good 15 days. That would be the equivalent of over 3000 quests per second. Insane speed run? No, more of a bug, but a pretty funny one that amuses the community.

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Funny display bug presents insane number

Reddit user FearlessKhajiit posted a screenshot of his or her Xbox stats on Reddit. The comment is a simple “Huh?”. Easy to understand, because what is displayed there is probably a bit exaggerated even for the fastest gamers out there and a huge title like Skyrim.


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It is displayed how the player has performed in comparison to friendly users, in detail there is, among other things:

  • Played time: 15 days, 7 hours, 29 minutes (Rank 1 out of 6 friends)
  • Completed Quests: 4,294,967,294 (Rank 1 out of 5 friends)
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Many users enjoy themselves in the comments under the post. AtramentousSoul does the math to make it even clearer:

Ah, so you completed an average of 11,702,908 per hour. Or 3250 quests per second. Yes, that’s normal. I do this all the time.


Plenty of sarcasm can also be found in other comments, such as TheUmbraCat:

Instead, LekgoloCrap notes:


His 4 friends are obviously not trying hard enough.

Some users, on the other hand, noticed something suspicious about the number. For example, FloydC910 points out that the number of quests supposedly completed is really close to 232 is which is the maximum value in an unsigned 32-bit range of numbers. The user also suspects that a glitch may have caused an attempt to subtract quests instead of adding them. The number slipped below 0 and in turn jumped to the maximum value.


Can you keep up with the 4 billion quests completed? Or at least that’s how it feels? And how long is your total playing time?