slim and dust resistant

slim and dust resistant

Tom Henry

slim and dust resistant

Within the framework of FMS 2023, the company Frore Systems showed very important news about its Airjet refrigeration systems, which are grabbing headlines around the world. The most advanced solid-state active cooling in the world, a pioneer in its segment, reaches SSDs, where both in the gaming and business sectors it will change the rules of the game. That is how Airjet Mini is capable of cooling any SSD on the market.

What is briefly presented are three different scenarios, which, although they lack specific data, undoubtedly represent a step forward, since many tests have been really demanding. The first scenario was tested with a PCIe 5.0 SSD for PCthe second was with an external compact SSD enclosure, and the third with a solid state drive of 64TB for servers or storage centers.

Airjet enters the sector of SSD heatsinks, and can take over the market


The heat problem in new batch SSDs is leading manufacturers to use active heat sinks, which, on the other hand, are generating quite a lot of noise in many cases. Frore Systems saw the market and thanks to its patented technology they are achieving performance or temperature records in many of the SSDs that they have been testing, as the company itself says:

AirJet, the world’s first solid-state active cooling chip, has only 2.8mm thick, 27.5mm x 41.5mm in size and it weighs only 11 grams.

airjet mini

It’s a scalable solution, with additional heat removal achievable by simply adding more chips. Each chip removes 5W heat and easy multi-chip integration means two chips can eliminate 10Wthree chips 15W and so on. The compact size and scalable nature of AirJet means that manufacturers can adopt heat removal technology in a wide range of applications, enabling higher performance in faster, thinner, lighter, quieter, and dust-tight devices. .

Three Featured Demos That Have Wowed The Industry


The first is the one that touches us the most, since we are talking about a PCIe 5 SSD with a controller Phison PS5026-E26 on an SSD that has been able to reach the 14,175 MB/s reading. Furthermore, he was put to the test in PC Mark 10 getting more of 10,000 pointsonly cooled by two Airjet Mini with 10 W in total.

The dissipation system had a curious anchorage, because in order to implement it they designed a very strange-shaped copper heatsink. The best thing is that it is possible to add another heatsink, and instead, it was not necessary.


The second example was a compact SSD from Sabrent where performance was achieved three times higher than the standard without Airjet, also managing to reduce the temperature by 20º C. The temperatures dropped from 62º C and 1000 MB/s 42º C and 3,000 MB/sso the data is spectacular here.

Last but not least, in a scalable and data storage intensive way, a total of 8 SSDs of 8 TB each were cooled by these Airjet Mini systems in a 3.5-inch U.2 rackthat is, the size of a normal HDD.


Heat generated by the 8 SSDs was not an issue as sustained transfer rates of 2,600MB/s. Although we already covered the subject at the time and Frore Systems is a well-known company on this website, it must be remembered that they have a more powerful system called Airjet Pro, so these data could be even better, which is impressive.

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