Slowbro’s perfect build against Greninja in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

The Greninja’s Raid arrived in January 2023 at Pokemon Scarlet and Purple as one of the hardest challenges in the game.

7-Star Tera-Raids bring us the starter Pokemon from previous generations, but boosted with a Teratype and abysmal stats. That is why when capturing them you can find them with many perfect features.

However, to access these special raids you will have to complete the game first and the postgame. In addition, you must attend the event date, and you better be prepared if you do not want to be defeated by an unstoppable Greninja.

When will the Greninja’s Raid a Pokemon Scarlet and Purple?

Another very funny point of the Greninja’s Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It is its dynamism. The event was divided into two parts and the first one already took place from January 27 to 10.

The second part is just around the corner, scheduled for February 10 and until the 13th of the same month. The developers made sure to set it up for a weekend so that players can come together and strategize for this difficult matchup.

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Greninja, the most fearsome Teraid boss

Many players have failed in their matches against Greninja, and it is not for less.

It is usually a Water and Dark type Pokemon, weak against Bug, Electric, Fairy, Fighting and Grass types. It is also usually resistant to Steel, Ghost, Dark, Ice, Fire, and Water types; as well as immune to Psychic type.

However, the Greninja of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple he has the Poison Teratype, so his weaknesses are Poison and Ground types. The tricky part is that if you use a Ground-type, Greninja can still use her water moves and take you down before you know it. Additionally, she can use Shadow Slash against Psychic Pokemon, which can be fatal.

However, there is one particular Psychic Pokemon that has good defense and enough power to allow you to complete just the 7-star Teraid.

greninja pokemon

Slowbro’s perfect build against Greninja

If you participated in the first part of the Greninja’s Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, they will surely have recommended Slowbro to you. The community has been sure for weeks that this Pokemon is perfect for the task, but the “process” has been tweaked multiple times.

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It finally seems that players have reached a consensus on the perfect build for Slowbro in this Teraincursion. The technique is shared by Su_Impact in a Reddit post, where he detailed the most important part of the process.

The main thing is to have a slowbro level 100 of modest nature and at least with the maximum EP (Effort Points) in HP and Special Attack. As an object we will use the Shell Rattlesnake, which recovers the health of your Pokemon with its direct hits.

Regarding the movements, these are the ones that will help you defeat Greninja:

  • reserve power
  • iron defense
  • relax
  • Machination

How to defeat Greninja in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Now that you know which build you should use, you just need to follow the technique tested over 20 times by enthusiast Su_Impact.

As explained by the trainer, Greninja stands out as Raid boss for his Special Attack, since his only physical attack is shadow slash, which is not as effective against Slowbro as it is against other Psychics. Even one without max Defense XP can easily withstand them using just Iron Defense.

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For this reason you will have to watch out for Greninja’s powerful special moves, especially if he crits you. It is also not recommended to use Teracrystallization as the Raid boss can disappear to Slowbro with just Hydro Pump.

The pace of the fight should go as follows as long as you use your More PP beforehand and the RNGs don’t make you a bad play.

  • 1st and 2nd turn: Use Iron Defense
  • 3rd turn: Use Chill
    • This will be the only point where Greninja will apply a debuff to you.
  • Turns 4-9: Use Iron Defense and Scheme. Only use a Chill if Greninja crits you.
  • Turn 10: Only use Reserve Power from here on. Two of them will be enough to break Greninja’s shield, and a third to finish him off.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to defeat Greninja in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple No need for online partners.

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