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smart speakers with support for 4K TV and Siri


smart speakers with support for 4K TV and Siri

Apple is not only known for creating its iPhone, iPad and Mac computers, it has also developed a good number of accessories and peripherals. We have their keyboards or their Magic Mouse mice and also the Apple HomePods, smart speakers that stopped manufacturing it in 2021 to focus on the HomePod mini. But now Manzana returns to them and this time has launched the second generation of his HomePodthis time with a more powerful chipa slightly lower weight and better connectivity.

When Apple launched its HomePod in 2017these were created to be a direct competition of the loudspeakers Google Home Y amazon-echo. We already know the latter very well, especially the Amazon Echo, which continues to be updated and Amazon recently launched its fifth generation echo dot. These types of smart speakers are used to control our home, thanks to their integrated microphone and their ability to recognize words and perform the tasks that we ask them to do. Apple seems to have thought better of competing in this sector and after almost 2 years since it was announced that they would stop manufacturing, now it has returned with these speakers.

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Apple announces its 2nd generation HomePods with S7 chip

Apple HomePod 2

Fans of Apple’s original HomePod are in luck, as Apple has already announced the second generation of these smart speakers. At first glance, in terms of desEsports Extrasthey are quite similar, although this 2nd generation is slightly smaller and lighter. We are talking about a reduction of 0.4 cm in height, standing with dimensions of 16.8 cm high x 14.2 cm wide and a weight of 2.3 kg, that is, 200 grams less. It is constructed from a seamless mesh fabric and has been launched in Two colors, white and midnight.

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Now, regarding its biggest news, we highlight the update of its hardware with a apple s7 chip vs. the A8 of the original HomePod. With this more modern SoC combined with its software, Apple claims that it offers more advanced computer audio. In addition, its technology room detection allows you to determine where the walls are and adapt the sound in real time.

The new HomePod will cost 349 euros and will be released on February 3

Apple HomePod 2 gen

If we now go to one of the most important aspects, which is audio, we have a 4 inch woofer just like the first generation. However, we see a cut, since the second generation of the Apple HomePod brings only five tweeters vs. seven speakers treble from the original. The same goes for the microphonesgoing from a total of 6 to 4 with this new model. Although if we focus on connectivity, we see clear improvements, since they are not only compatible with wifi 5 Y Bluetooth 5.0but also with matter Y Thread.

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In addition, it has a Ultra Wide Band chip (UWB), so we can stream music from our iphone at a great distance. Along with this, we highlight the possibility of easily pairing it with the Apple TV 4K to deliver a home theater experience. Also, since you have siri, we can control what we play on Apple TV without moving. Finally, we cannot forget something as important as the price and release date.

Here Apple has decided to keep the Same price as the original modelsince the second generation HomePod will cost $299which translates to 349 euros here. For those interested in acquiring it, the company has announced that it will be released next February 3rdbeing able to book it now from its website.

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