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Sniper Elite 5 boasts the strongest points of its gameplay with its new trailer

The time is approaching when we will have to grab our sniper rifle and sharpen our aim to fulfill the missions entrusted to us in Sniper Elite 5. To be clear about everything that we will find in the game, Rebellion invites us to see a new trailer dedicated to the strongest points of its gameplay.


The trailer in question leaves us with a few gameplay sequences dedicated to its campaEsports Extrasthat can be completed alone in the company of another player thanks to its cooperative multiplayer. Of course, an undesirable guest can sneak into the levels if we activate the Invasion mode, so that someone can put themselves in the role of the enemies and try to eliminate us at all costs.

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As a good shooting game for Rebellion, the use of weapons is very important, hence the further improved the physics of weapons and especially the so-called Killcam with which we will appreciate in slow motion how we destroy the internal organs of the adversaries. In addition, the firearms will have infinite options to customize them.

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And not everything will stay in its campaEsports Extrasmode, because there will also be another series of multiplayer modes that will make use of the crossplay function so that everyone can play from wherever they prefer. All this from May 26, the date on which Sniper Elite 5 It will go on sale on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and also through Xbox Game Pass.

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