Snow White (Rachel Zegler) doll is revealed and fans go crazy

Tom Henry

snow white (rachel zegler) doll is revealed and fans go

For a long time there has been a lot of silence about Disney’s new live action about one of its first princesses, Rachel Zegler will play Snow White and despite all the controversies that this has caused, it seems that the film is continuing on its way.

The film was announced in 2021 and since then Zegler has been the subject of much ridicule for her minimal appearance of the acclaimed Disney princess. As happened with Halle Bailey, everything seems to indicate that Disney will continue to do the opposite of what fans of these films ask for and it seems that this does not end here.

A photograph of what appears to be (confirmed by the X account called SnowWhiteNews) that this is the desEsports Extrasof Rachel Zegler’s Snow White doll and it must be admitted that its resemblance is quite similar. In the same image you can see how she holds the apple and even how it literally looks like the animated classic that many loved in their childhood.

Above all this, this image has brought countless comments that are more negative than positive and this is the part that is quite worrying. Zegler has been the protagonist of several “gaffes” when talking about the film in which he mentions that this Snow White will be totally different from the one we know and will be totally “liberal” which means that she will not be rescued by the prince or anything like that.

On another note, this one also attracted several negative comments about how she is prepared to be critical of issues of racism when in reality she is aware that the adaptation is poorly done. In addition to this, it was confirmed that we will not have real “dwarves” in the film, so Disney has decided to hire normal actors so that they can be modified on the screen, which also brought a lot of controversy.

So far Snow White is proposed to be released in 2024 (or so it seems) but Disney has not expressed anything about it.

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