So you can install Windows 11 without bloatware because of a bug

so you can install windows 11 without bloatware because of

Tom Henry

So you can install Windows 11 without bloatware because of a bug

Light versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 have existed and will exist, moreover, in various flavors. Many users do not want all the bloatware in the form of programs and applications that they do not use, which are collecting privacy data without measure, and where, moreover, in the vast majority of cases, we need external software or scripts to remove or partially block them. Well then, a curious Windows 11 bug allows you to install it without third-party bloatware. How is it possible?

You don’t have to do anything illegal, you don’t have to download an ISO from a website of dubious credibility, you really don’t have to make an unusual move, which is to download the file from Microsoft or, failing that, create the flash drive with the Redmond tool. And you don’t have to do it because the bug is directly from Microsoft, so be careful, because it won’t last long.

So you can install Windows 11 without third-party bloatware thanks to a Microsoft bug


Two clicks, literally, is what it takes to kill third-party bloatware, like games included with Microsoft’s OS. So brutal is the case, that The ones in Redmond have already said that they are looking into it and that they will correct it.

The method is simple, so let’s go in parts. After starting the installation via ISO or flash drive, we will come to a series of typical configuration questions so that Windows 11 can be installed without problems, except with Bloatware, as it has always been. Well then, we choose the preferred partition For the installation of the OS, we press next and what we will see is also something typical and logical: the general language, the keyboard to choose or a specific input method, the time for the OS time zone and of course, the currency to use as well as the format and region.

Here is the key to the Microsoft error where we are going to take advantage of it, as long as they let us.

English (World) or Europe


Well yes, we just have to select in the region section as “English (World)” or “Europe”. The explanation for this seems to be that it is in the OOBE on the Internet that Microsoft uses, since Windows 11 is not capable of handling a unique language code for English worldwide, which is configured as in-001. This is the same with European English, where the code in-150 suffers the same problem.

These codes are used to manage date and number information in the OS, which, curiously and it seems, stipulated by the UN. Therefore, when we select these codes through the options described, Windows 11 cannot communicate with the servers and the OOBE is not working correctly.

After selecting them we will see a mistake stipulated as OOBEREGION, where we will only have to click on skip to continue the normal installation of the OS. With this, Windows 11 will be installed without third-party bloatware, where we can later change the region in the OS settings to have everything in order and enjoy less memory consumption and a little more performance, which, even if it is negligible, we shouldn’t have to lose to bloatware.

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