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Some Activision Blizzard games won’t hit Game Pass until 2025 – Xbox

some activision blizzard games won't hit game pass until 2025

Right now everything is euphoria over Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard King. However, let me remind you that the purchase has not actually been made yet, only one appeal filed by the FTC has been won towards Microsoft. We still have to wait to see if the American body appeals the judge’s decision and leaves things be, some reports suggest that the FTC is still thinking about appealing.

In addition, the CMA has yet to cease its efforts to block the merger. We know that they did everything in their power to prevent this from happening, but after recent events, it seems that they want to negotiate some kind of win-win deal with Microsoft.

There are still agreements to fulfill, and they cannot be skipped

However, Tom Warren has rescued an extract from the sentence where it is made clear that some games will not reach Game Pass possibly until 2025. Although it is not specified, it is basically because there are still agreements from Sony that Activision must comply with, and Call of Duty It is one of them.


Also, there’s the thing that the merger won’t be done in two days, It will be a more complex process than Bethesda’s, which is still in process. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect all of the company’s games to arrive on the service anytime soon. That’s not to say there aren’t games that do, although we’ll still have until possibly 2024 to savor it. I leave you the legal text so you can read it for yourself.

11.238 On this basis, one would expect the benefits to start accruing within a reasonable amount of time (although in practice there is likely to be some delay between the completion of the merger and the arrival of CoD on Game Pass in 2025). Therefore, we consider that at least some benefit from Game Pas can be expected within a reasonable time, in such a way that the condition of article 30(3)(a) of the Law is met.

Those from Redmond are getting closer to being able to complete their objective, but there are still some steps to be taken.