Son Goku in Zelda TotK without Mod: Fan turns Link into Super Saiyan and you need this outfit for it

son goku in zelda totk without mod: fan turns link

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Son Goku in Zelda TotK without Mod: Fan turns Link into Super Saiyan and you need this outfit for it

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Link becomes a real Super Saiyan.

User liggymustard is causing a stir on TikTok with his clips for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In the videos, Link looks suspiciously like an anime character. Namely, the Dragon Ball Z fan redesigned Link to look like Son Goku as Super Saiyan.

The Cool: He was able to dress Link without using a mod. This means that you too can easily recreate the Saiyan look for Link. We show you which items you need for this.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom meets Dragon Ball Z

What clothes do I need for this? To look like a level 3 Super Saiyan, you need three special clothes. Two of these are easy to get, but one gets a little trickier. The clip shows you how Son Goku’s outfit looks in the game:

The following items are necessary for the outfit:

  • ghost headdress
  • climbing glove
  • flame pants

Of course you can also use other equipment if you think other clothes are more suitable. But to recreate the look from the video, you’ll need to collect the three pieces of gear if you don’t already have them.

By the way, here are the best armors in the game:

For the top you have to cross the Carok Bridge and descend into a cave northwest of it. There you have to jump into a waterfall with two glowing fish. Behind the waterfall you will find the climbing glove in a chest. You can get the Flame Pants in a cave at Askalt Lake in the Eldin region.

For the head you need the ghost headdress. For this you have to collect a whopping 46 Mayoi Signa and give them to Koltin. You get the Signa from Mayois, small frog-like creatures that only exist in caves.

Why don’t I look like in the video yet? To fully transform into a Super Saiyan, you still need to dye the clothes. You can do this at the Dyeworks in Hateno. The village is in east Hyrule.

There you only have to deliver 20 rubies and the corresponding materials to the head of the dye shop so that he can dye your clothes. You have to dye the helmet yellow, the other two pieces of equipment have to be dyed bright orange.

Have you recreated any other cool outfits in TotK?

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