Sonic 2, the movie, is receiving positive first impressions: huge Jim Carrey and many winks

Sonic’s first big appearance in the world of cinema was really complicated. The first previews caused the rejection of the fans due to the appearance of the blue hedgehog, so Paramount Pictures decided to turn the situation around with visual changes. Finally, the reception was positive in theaters, so we are just a few days away from the sequel.

Sonic 2: The Movie will arrive in USA on April 1 and there are already several critics who have taken a first look at the film. Press screenings have started and, for now, impressions are turning out very positive.

Good news! Sonic 2: The Movie is SO much fun – a much bigger and more action-driven movie than the first Sonic with great jokes for longtime fans. Jim Carrey is another level maniac as Robotnik, but to me it’s all Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. That trio offers a TON of heart and humor.

Big Sonic fans will delight in ALL the little references and will DEFINITELY stick around for the credits. If the first SONIC is about discovering a new family, this one is about the power of friendship. The best friend relationship between Sonic and Tails is super cute and funny, and my favorite part of the movie.

Sonic 2: The Movie is just as fun as the first one and kids will love it. The inclusion of Tails and Knuckles makes it feel more like Sonic. Once again, Jim Carrey is amazing as Robotnik, but this time around, some of the other characters get time to shine as well.

I just saw Sonic 2: The Movie and it’s a love letter to video game lovers. I had a lot of fun with her. Unlike many blockbusters, the third act is crazy and is the most powerful of the film. Jim Carrey reigns above all.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the spirit of SEGA made a video game

I’ve seen Sonic 2: The Movie and I already miss it!!!! Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik says a line that gave me goosebumps. Note how unhinged Eggman is in the movie. You’ll know when you hear it.

Sonic 2: The Movie is a worthy successor. The children in my room were screaming. It’s got all the nods, nostalgia, and laughs that fans of the first movie could want, and it feels more true to the game’s roots than ever.

Sonic 2: The Movie is The Godfather II from the Sonic the Hedgehog movies

As we can see, it seems that there is unanimity that we are facing a level rise compared to the previous installment. It stands out a lot great role played by Jim Carrey as the villainous Dr. Robotnik and the love shown to the video game franchise. Also, it seems that Paramount Pictures is going to mark a UCM with a scene after the credits.

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The tribute line to the virtual saga could already be seen on the promotional poster for the film. On the other hand, you can try your luck to get the furthest Xbox Series X/S controllers inspired by Sonic himself.

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