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Sonic debuts new comic series in collaboration with the creator of OK KO!

sonic debuts new comic series in collaboration with the creator

Are you looking for new hedgehog products? If you are a fan of sonicWithout a doubt, you will love this announcement that SEGA has shared.

It’s about the campaEsports Extras“Fast Friends Forever” to celebrate and thank Sonic the Hedgehog fans with values ​​such as friendship, teamwork, inspiration and loyalty.


In this way, we now have a series of comics as part of this campaign. These are the details:

  • The first comic was created by Ian Jones-Quartey, creator of “OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes”.
  • Jones-Quartey has also worked on “Steven Universe”, “The Venture Bros.”, “Adventure Time” and others.
  • There will be a total of 15 comics in the “Fast Friends Forever” series.
  • The comics will be published online in 4 panels.

There has been no mention of a print version so far, so we’ll keep an eye out. What do you think? We read you in the comments.


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