Sonic Frontiers details its action modes, high speed, auto combat and more

The truth is that Sonic Frontiers has divided the community a lot. Some Sonic fans are thrilled with SEGA’s approach to this open-world game, while others are less than impressed by the design.

Either way, sonic frontiers It is still planned for the end of this 2022, being available on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.. For this reason, it is time to continue knowing more than what we will find in this title.

As we have already mentioned, recently Sonic Frontiers has shown the levels of Cyberspace in a new gameplay: New and interesting information has been added to this particular section of challenges.

Sonic Team revealed a bit of the synopsis of the game, where the hedgehog will travel to the Starfall Islands in order to find the Chaos Emeralds and his lost friends. A strange voice will guide you on this path.

More information about Sage, a mysterious girl who will appear throughout the archipelago telling Sonic to leave him. We still do not know the role of this character, but to be able to control the new enemies that we have seen on the map.

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When it comes to gameplay, the last trailer revealed that you can enable the auto mode in combat to execute several attacks and combos with a single button and that this is not so complicated or demanding.

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Tails' Skypatrol Game Gear

And it is that we remind you that one of the most striking additions to the game will be its combat system, which includes all kinds of actions and options such as different abilities, combos, character improvement, parries and more.

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On the other hand, we can always handle Sonic in two ways: action and high speed. The first “game mode” allows for more precise platforming and is designed for new players. The second is the high-speed mode designed for veterans and offers a greater degree of movement.

The future of the hedgehog seems marked by two recent news. One is that SEGA does not want to mix the Sonic of the movies with the Sonic of the game and the other is more strange and that is that there will be no kisses with humans in Sonic Frontiers.

Source: Gaming Bolt