Sonic Prime reveals Eggman’s design in this new trailer

It’s been a long time since we had news of Sonic Prime, which you should not confuse with Sonic Frontiers. The first is an animated series that Netflix has been preparing for months, while the second is the game that will be released in November and with which SEGA plans Sonic to return through the front door that he deserves to the Olympus of gaming. And while the game started badly and little by little the race has been going up, the series started on the right foot from the first teaser trailer. Although to be honest, these small advances have been so brief that there was not much room for criticism. Today SEGA America has shared another teaser slightly longer trailer, but not much, where we see some super sonic action between Sonic and Shadow, a cameo from Big the Cat and the first appearance of Eggman in the series.

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Eggman debuts in this Sonic Prime trailer

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Although they are quite faithful to the original designs, it is noted that all the characters in the series have their own differences with those in the games. To give some examples, the hedgehogs are slightly taller and Eggman has a much more bushy and disheveled mustache. It may seem silly, but this type of detail ends up giving dynamism to the animations, something that can be seen quite a bit in the trailer.

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Sonic Prime still does not give details of its plot or date for its premiere on Netflix, beyond a vague “Christmas 2022”, but what little is being seen is looking better and better.