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Sonic the Hedgehog’s Princess Elise stars in new art alongside Silver

sonic the hedgehog, Sega’s blue hedgehog video game released in 2006 for Xbox 360 and in 2007 for PlayStation 3, is considered by many fans of the character as one of the worst titles that Sonic Team has developed. And it is not for less, since we speak of a game that came out of the oven prematurely, which resulted in a work full of technical failures, a very poor control and a long list of defects that made Sonic’s debut in high definition a real disaster. However, despite the negative image that exists around it, Sega has wanted to commemorate it with a new and curious promotional art.

As you can see in the attached tweet, Silver and Princess Elise appear in the promotional art, two characters who debuted for the first time in the saga in sonic the hedgehog. Despite the fact that Silver has had quite a few appearances since her debut, Elise did not suffer the same fate and was totally relegated to oblivion – removing very occasional appearances in spin-off as Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity– for various reasons, among which is his incomprehensible romance with the blue blur. That is why it is surprising that Sega wanted to recover the character with a redesEsports Extrasmore in line with the art direction of the latest installments.


The illustration is accompanied by a story

“It tells the story of Elise, now queen, who is pursuing her love of ice skating. Silver comes to her aid after the song she has to perform reminds her of her deceased parents, making it difficult for her to memorize the routine. Silver He helps her practice and the duo dazzles all of Soleanna, with Elise even getting a triple axel”, reads the little story that accompanies the illustration.