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Sonic’s first design has a funny cameo in the movie ‘Chip and Chop’

Do you remember the widely criticized and controversial first Sonic desEsports Extrasfor the Paramount Pictures adaptation? The fans were totally dissatisfied with that more “realistic” approach to Sega’s famous blue hedgehog, although as you well know, the production company corrected the desEsports Extrasto make it much more faithful to that of the video games. Of course, it was a desperate move that made the first film a success that led to an even better sequel; in fact, the approach of a cinematographic universe of the character is already underway.


Sonic’s final desEsports Extraspleased most of the public, although there are not a few who would like to see a more in-depth look at the first design. If you belong to this last group, you are in luck, since the most anthropomorphic Sonic – there will still be those who have nightmares about the appearance of his extremities – will appear in the movie Chip and Chop: The Rescue Guardians, a film that mixes animation and real action that to be available on Disney+ starting May 20. As reported from Nintendo Life, the media critic Empire has revealed this curious cameo that has been rumored for a while.

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Ben Schwartz does not lend his voice for this Sonic

“The funniest moments are starring a character who’s never been on screen before. Yeah, get ready for the ‘Ugly Sonic’proof that hedgehogs with human teeth are not always a bad idea”, we can read in the review. SlashFilm has also confirmed that Ben Schwartz, the actor who plays the hedgehog in the two Paramount movies, will not lend his voice for the first Sonic design. In his fault, the comedian and actor Tim Robinson is the one who brings the character to life in the Disney moviewe imagine that to give it a nice touch, casual and with a pinch of parody.

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