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Sons of the Forest – All 23 weapons in the overview

Sons of the Forest is the new offshoot of the survival hit The Forest. In this you will again have to fight for your bare survival, because cannibals and mutants want to get to you. We will therefore show you all the weapons and possible candidates that you can get hold of in your journeys through the forest.

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How many guns could it be? Sons of the Forest won’t be available in Early Access until February 23rd, so we’re not yet able to say for sure how many weapons you’ll discover on your travels.

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However, trailers that have been released do hint at some tools and gadgets that players can use as weapons in their defense. We therefore name all known weapons.

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Watch new gameplay for Sons of the Forest, the sequel to the survival hit The Forest


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Sons of the Forest – 23 weapons you can get

So far, there are officially 23 weapons and tools that you can get hold of in the game (via These include:

  • Body Parts
  • Battery powered chainsaw
  • Bone
  • Climbing Axe
  • Homemade Axe
  • Built Bomb
  • Built Racket
  • combat knife
  • crossbow
  • surveyor
  • Fire axe
  • grenades
  • guitar
  • katana
  • Kukri (machete)
  • Molotov cocktail
  • gun
  • revolver
  • stones
  • shotgun
  • Taser bat
  • tasers
  • spear

Are these all guns? The game will only appear in Early Access, so it’s quite possible that the developers will implement other weapons that have not yet been teased in any trailer.

So stay curious and tell us your favorites in the comments that you want to find and use in Sons of the Forrest.


You can find out more about Sons of the Forest and why it is postponing its release here:

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