Sons of the Forest can be seen in a new trailer focused on multiplayer

Endnight Games studio has unveiled a new trailer gameplay of Sons of the Foresta title that will be released this week on PC (specifically on February 23). Its release is so close that details such as minimum requirements have already been published, and it is so highly anticipated that it has become the most wishlisted game on Steam. Now him gameplay published today lets us know a little more about his multiplayer system.

Like its predecessor, The Forestthis grotesque and realistic survival game can be experienced both solo and cooperative on-line. Those responsible for the project wanted to let us take a look at this second mode in a trailer published on the Esports Extraschannel. You can see it below:

As already happened in previous videos of Sons of the Forestthe new trailer is full of details only perceptible by the most fans of the game: for example, it has been confirmed that the Companion NPCs (a novelty for this second installment) they can also be used in multiplayer and will receive orders from both the host of the game and the rest of the players. From what can be seen in the video, it seems that these companions they will not be able to use weaponsalthough it can warn us of the arrival of enemy mutants.

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Sons of the Forest Arrives This Week on PC in Early Access

Sons of the Forest premieres this week on PC after multiple delays have postponed its release date several times, since it was originally scheduled for 2021. In fact, its developers recently explained that they were about to delay it again on this occasion, but in the end they have opted to launch it on February 23 in early access to be able to grow the project as the community is playing it.

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In vandal we tell you everything we know about Sons of the Forest.