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Sons of the Forest: Drink – How to quench your thirst

The survival game Sons of the Forest is very reserved when it comes to explaining even basic things. We will therefore show you how and where you can drink in the game.

To quench your thirst, you need a source of fresh water and your hands. Approach the fresh water, if necessary put down objects with “G” and look towards the water. Hold “E” for a strong gulp, maybe crouch with “CTRL”:

sons of the forest drink water

Sometimes it’s not that easy, you sometimes have to get very close and objects in your hand can obviously make the process more difficult – it’s unclear whether that’s intentional. Therefore, it is better to put everything out of your hands when you treat yourself to a fresh sip of water.

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Find out below where to find fresh water, what else quenches thirst, and what happens when you’re thirsty. Start our video if you want to see how crazy the first hours with colleague Anna went:

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Sons of the Forest: Fear, laughter and a team kill after 30 seconds – That’s how crazy our first hours are


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Sons of the Forest: Drink – Find Fresh Water

Where can I find fresh water? Basically, all bodies of water within the island borders offer you fresh water. All rivers and lakes are edible. You also don’t have to worry about diseases like you did in The Forest 1.

If you want to set up your base a little further away from a river at the beginning, pay attention to small ponds in the woods. These are a bit difficult to see on the in-game map device, but they also offer drinking water:

sons of the forest map drinking water
Set up your base near lakes, rivers or small ponds. Map source:

What else quenches the thirst? Some foods also quench your thirst, including blueberries. With the plant yarrow, the thirst also goes down a bit. Watch your hunger, thirst, and energy gauges when trying a new plant and note the effects.

You can also find canned drinks such as cola or energy drinks. However, you should only resort to storable drinks in an emergency when you are out and about in the open world.


Always save portable thirst quenchers for your cave tours.

What if I’m thirsty? Drinking is directly related to your stamina, much like your fatigue. You regenerate stamina more slowly and don’t run as fast. Therefore, always make sure to moisten your throat in good time.

If you have additional questions about the game or requests for guides, leave a comment on the topic. If you’d rather read more about Sons of the Forest, have a look here: Survival MMOs are missing what WoW is for .s – Will Sons of the Forest “be the big thing”?