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Sons of the Forest: Early Access release is live but the Steam page is down

Sons of the Forest is coming to Early Access - you need to know that.

Sons of the Forest is coming to Early Access – you need to know that.

Update 8:00 p.m.: In the meantime, Sons of the Forest has actually appeared on Steam, but the Steam servers still seem to be overloaded. Many users are therefore shown an error page or cannot complete the purchase.

Original message: Five years after the release of the surprise hit The Forest, the survival game is now getting a sequel with Sons of the Forest. However, the first comes only as a preliminary version and for PC. All important information about the Early Access release can be found here.


Release, start time and price of Sons of the Forest

  • Early Access release date: today, February 23, 2023
  • start time: at 7 p.m. German time
  • platforms: only PC for the time being, via Steam
  • Price: 28.99 euros
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When is Sons of the Forest full release? There is no date for the complete release of the game yet, but the Early Access phase is scheduled to last about six to eight months.

Download size of Sons of the Forest

For the download of Sons of the Forest you have to plan around 13 GB of storage space. On the Steam page it is also stated that according to the system requirements 20 GB free storage space should plan.

You can read the exact system requirements and more in our Sons of the Forest hub:

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It’s in Sons of the Forest Early Access

Actually, Sons of the Forrest was supposed to get its full release on February 23rd, but the developers recently announced that the release would be Early Access for the time being. However, this should mean that the game is already very far advanced in development, even if some content is still missing.

In The Forest’s successor, however, we already get an open game world that is four times larger than that of the predecessor. Also new are an optional AI companion, a new building system, improved animations and graphics, and new weapons. In the course of Early Access, more content will be delivered and the balancing will be tightened.

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You can watch the latest trailer for Sons of the Forest below:


In the third trailer for Sons of the Forest we see new grisly mutations


In the third trailer for Sons of the Forest we see new grisly mutations

Is Sons of the Forest coming to PS4, PS5 and Xbox?

In Early Access, Sons of the Forest will initially only appear on PC. At least for the full release, a console version is definitely possible. After all, the predecessor The Forest also came for PS4, but at the time only four years after the start of the early access phase of the game.


Are you getting a taste of Sons of the Forest, even if it’s only in Early Access for now?