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Sons of the Forest fans are in love and already seeing it as ‘Game of the Year 2023’

One of the most anticipated games on Steam, Sons of the Forest, hit Early Access yesterday. The release of The Forest’s successor didn’t exactly go smoothly. The rush was so great that at times the Steam shop went to its knees and purchases were not possible. In the meantime, however, enough players have been able to immerse themselves in the survival horror game and form an initial opinion. And the first impression is very positive despite the Early Access status.

“Game of the Year 2023”

After the Steam shop was down for the launch at around 7 p.m. yesterday evening because simply too many players wanted to buy and download Sons of the Forest, the question immediately arises: was it worth the wait? Apparently yes, because the 14,200 reviews (as of 2:00 p.m.) on Steam are already painting a very positive picture. But why exactly?


That is positive

Coherent overall package: On the one hand there is the really chic world that impresses many fans. A Steam user is even talking about “Game of the Year 2023”. But the beginning of the game is also convincing (which we don’t want to spoil at this point). Also, the AI ​​does a good job as in this example:

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In addition to the many, I think, super implemented elements, I particularly noticed the NPC companion, whose eardrum burst when he crashed. It doesn’t look particularly bright, but everything that is written on its to-do list is processed without any problems and absolutely reliably.


Karemon via Steam

There is also a lot of praise for the even more extensive construction mode, which “sets new standards”, as well as for the inventory management. GamePro mod Ledis feels the same way and has a lot of praise for the game:

I find that there are improvements everywhere [zum Vorgänger] gives. […] I think the inventory ceiling alone, which is equipped with neon tubes to illuminate the materials, is great. […] Doesn’t feel like early access in my opinion. I love it!

Fans still complain

Until then, however, there are still a few points of criticism and bugs that need to be eliminated. The survival game is not entirely spared either. For example, switching between weapons and tools via the inventory is simply too cumbersome. And of course there is still room for improvement in terms of AI and performance. Dedicated servers for multiplayer are also a big wish, so that the score is always accessible to everyone without a host.

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For an Early Access game that’s only been available for a few hours, it’s really impressive in its current state. Despite the minor ailments, Sons of the Forest has had a really successful launch, which is also proven by the many Twitch viewers:

This is Sons of the Forest

Also in the sequel to The Forest, we crash our plane over a remote island populated by cannibals and nasty mutants. But instead of being a father looking for our kidnapped son, this time the rescue operation in the role of a soldier revolves around a missing billionaire.

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The gameplay concept remains true to its predecessor, but has been expanded. We explore the open world, collect resources, craft equipment and raise bases to defend ourselves against the savages in the forest. We must always keep an eye on needs such as hunger.


Sons of the Forest: New trailer shows more gameplay for the sequel to the survival hit


Sons of the Forest: New trailer shows more gameplay for the sequel to the survival hit

Sons of the Forest was released in Early Access for PC via Steam on February 23, 2023. The full release on PC should follow in six to eight months, while possible console versions have not yet been confirmed. At least the chances of a PlayStation release are not bad, because the predecessor also made it to PS4.


What do you think of The Forest so far? Write us in the comments what you like and where the developers still urgently need to improve.