Sons of the Forest hits 350,000 concurrent players and experiences a Steam crash | we are xbox

One of the most anticipated survival games has wreaked havoc on its first day. Sons of the Forest reaches 350,000 simultaneous players a few hours into its early access. The repeated success of a game in Early Access only confirms that this way of releasing games is successful for certain kinds of experiences.

Before having reached the highest peak of players, a few hours after the game was released, Steam crashed. At first, it seems ridiculous to believe in a relationship between these two facts, since other multiplayer games on Steam have much more player density. It is no less true that, if it were a coincidence, the probabilities had to be astonishingly low.

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Sons of the Forest reaches 350,000 concurrent players

Sons of the Forest reaches 350,000 simultaneous players, at a more than groundbreaking start

Since it came out, the game had a large number of users, although the problems came before reaching its peak in count to simultaneous players. A few hours after the early access of Sons of the Forest began, the game already reached 253,000 players, as can be seen on SteamDB. In parallel, the Steam virtual store suffered a fall.

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These two events are not officially linked, but it would not be unreasonable to believe that this sudden explosion of players caused a momentary glitch on steam. This enormous success could be seen if one was attentive to the hype of the community. The most accurate evidence was to see how, at the time, Sons of the Forest occupied the first place of the games with the most additions in the wish lists of the players, taking away the podium from Starfield.

Seeing this, the players went the first to be awarded the feat to bring down a giant like Steam, if only for a moment. Without a doubt, the Endnight Games team does not lose its touch with the sequel to its famous survival game. It only remains to be seen if they are able to keep their most recent creation attractive and full of users.